I now find myself walking through the streets of Barranco in Lima, Peru and I have fallen in love with the secret messages hidden in every wall. Some say graffiti is pointless and doesn’t express anything. But to me it’s an incredible form of art filled with emotion, giving something such as a sidewalk a deeper meaning. Thank you artists.





street art


Are human beings capable of cruelty? In my opinion there is no such thing as evil. Sometimes we use coldness as a source of distraction, or to make others feel bad because we believe that this will release weight from our loads. But in the end we are all victims of compassion, and possess an equal amount of good and bad… we’re balanced. Everything is not always pleasant, we need to walk through hell in order to acquire eyes that find everything beautiful. We need to drown to remember how good it felt to float. We need to asphyxiate in the burning lump inside our throats in order to crave the feeling of happiness filling our lungs. We all make mistakes, have regrets, love, laugh, smile, hate and envy, because we are human.


You observe, with those purple eye contacts. You smile, through your dipped-in-gold teeth. You talk, between thick layers of lipstick. What are you trying to hide?

You say something, but then regret it. You laugh, while your eyes frown. You come, and then abscond. What are you trying to hide?

The Magician

I frequently find myself pondering whether love is an illusion illistrated by my mind, because every time this inevitable force drags me, I find myself infused with bruises. I wonder whether true love is profoundly possible, if two souls can really merge into one. Maybe I don’t want to face this magnet, and maybe I’m just making up excuses, hiding from love so that I’m not it’s next target. But I’m afraid that to me it’s just another illusion.


sublime time

As my feet touch what now is a lake of mirrors, I feel the warmth of the sun invading my skin, filling the gap I felt in my chest. As the birds gracefully trickle and dance with the sea, the sun deposits a trace of sparkling dew drops which compose a passage leading to him. As the clouds burst into a billion different colors, I let go and follow the rythm of the waves. This is the time in which everything turns gold and everyone beams, the time in which the sun kisses the sea wishing her goodnight.


Our minds need to release junk. The problem is that we rarely say what we feel. We lock ourselves up and build walls around us, which don’t allow words or feelings to penetrate or depart. We dodge problems instead of confronting them. When the truth is, they are what shape us into what we are. We need to have the courage to express ourselves, and do what we feel like doing. We need to talk to others about how we feel. We shouldn’t keep secrets because they are the creators of lies. We need to give us the pleasure of being able to release a smile and permit our hearts to speak. Not necessarily with words, but it needs to be able to unleash the pain, grief and worries.
Got anything to say?






I runaway with my imagination, swirl into a phase of nonsense which seems to be the only sensible thing. I switch off every non-fiction character in my life. I feel as if I were floating in the sky, dancing with the wind, my throat burning in energy as I sing the anthem of freedom. As if I were carried by a dozen butterflies, and the feeling of their wings against my skin trickled warmth. As if the clouds whispered me happiness… I don’t want to analyze everything… have problems, or regrets. But I am tied to this misfortune, it’s my destiny…

and it’s that instant when the spark of magic is gone, when I remember my duties and get interrupted by reality.

☽ ◌ ☾



I’ve done everything possible; sewed my lips together, locked the cage my ribs have grown into, and hidden my soul in the deepest and darkest cracks of my heart. There’s simply one thing I can’t acquire…nothing keeps the beast inside me stable. If your eyes’ capacity can only reach my surface, you might be tricked and obtain a wrong picture of whom I am – painless and dipped in pure positiveness. But on the inside I’m in a constant battle in which I’m my own enemy. My heart has cut the stitches between my lips, and the sensitive critters inside me have possessed my words, bursting into the air and finding their way to your ears. My heart has slowly fallen apart, just as it reached your hands. My madness has returned from it’s disappearance and it’s my turn to return to you what you have stolen, because it has outgrown the nest it had between my lungs, and I don’t crave the desire to feel anymore.

You deserve it, every single rotten piece of my heart.