switch on

I’ve decided to turn on the light. It’ll scare away everything trying to infiltrate my lungs, sanctioning my breathing. It’ll direct me through the mysterious fog that has formed between my eyelashes, and most importantly, my thoughts will be guided by my eyes, not by my terribly messed-up brain (which is not a very nice author). I don’t want to be an empty and dark hall, I don’t want to depend on a huntsmen to make all the ever-present demons in my heart skedaddle. I’m tired of trying to fix the past that can’t be undone and planning an unknown future, tired of not living for the moment. That is why I have decided to turn on the light. I will no longer be an individual that depends on someone to feel alive, but my lively eyes will shine through everyone’s soul, making them envisage that they too need to turn on the light. It’s time to smile.

switch on :)

PS: listen to sun and changing of the seasons by two door cinema club, they’re the best mood boosters

deliberated mechanism

You’re a free soul caged in a robotic body. Your actions are out of your control. The doubt you contain that something erroneous swims through your veins concludes that you know that a puzzle piece was lost designedly. You do as you’re told without asking why, even though your bones implore you to. Who programmed you? Your body must inhabit a labyrinth, but your physical features try challenging the world into believing you’re “perfection” itself. What does your soul want to divulge that your mind is trying to bury? You might not notice, but you’re your own enemy. Each one of your organs is working on it’s own, betraying your whole, trying to rip you apart to gain control…  Each one with an independent task to complete, which in the end will lead to





I am in the borderline of heaven and hell, in a somewhat perplexing limbo. My body calls my name but I am nowhere to be found, my soul keeps disappearing into an ocean of secrets too deep and mystical, it’s too dangerous for my bones to risk it.  Imagination floods my whole body, and it’s interlaced with lost memories, puzzling thoughts and hidden messages. Yet, something keeps on trying to keep me alive, analytical. Something interrupts my swirling ingenuity by pulling me back to reality.  Maybe it’s my subconcience warning me…  This is the moment in which my creativity is at its climax, cursed with a confusion too insane to comprehend. Adrenaline fills my veins, my dread is shifting towards hope…

I wrote this past midnight.. my eyes kept on closing but I had to grasp to the idea.. :p (i’m a bit too insane) make sure to listen to dreams by fleetwood mac 




the secret garden


There are some days that I want to dive into an ocean of dreams, drown in my hopes and dance as the swirling waves carry me away from this world. I sometimes covet freedom, and this brings me a sudden hunger, a longing to escape from reality and go somewhere secret, where I’ll be safe and sound, where all my neglecting thoughts and constant nightmares that chase me until I’m too tired to budge won’t find me. A place were I’m hidden and can allow freedom to resurrect my creativity…



I’ve been walking for a very long time, and I always seem to end just where I started. I’ve fallen into a web of confusion. I have no destination or idea of where I should go. All I know is that my feet won’t ever stop walking and my head won’t ever stop thinking. Due to my constant dreams my mind has blocked everything, turning my eyes into my only windows of communication.

I have opened a door and I now find myself surrounded by a lake where its waves have stopped dancing so that I can see my own reflection. I can notice my features, but they are a little blurry, distorted by the world’s definition of beauty. I’ve become the scarecrow, my brain is nothing but a labyrinth of unattended thoughts. My heart has turned into a void rock, because after all the obstacles that I have encountered in the way, all my reasonable judgement is now lost in the wind. I’ve become the tin woodman.

It’s as if all my feelings remained but they had lost its source. I’m just following my feet. Everyone is conscious of where they are going, except for me, I’m jut hopeless and disorientated. The unknown has been strangling me in fear, and now I’ve become the cowardly lion. I am nothing but a mixture of every creature’s disappointment, their dreams in a golden cage.

They told me to follow the yellow brick road, but where am I really trying to go?

Fight or Flight?

They say that we have two choices: fight or flight. You can either oppose what they say and defend what your heart asks you to or try to avoid the subject and leave it behind, believing this is the safest media of protection. Sometimes flight might seem the most sane. But the truth is that your words that have stolen your lips but not your heart will torment you in an infinite cycle. Some people are satisfied with mediocrity, others with the extraordinary. I consider myself someone who analyzes a lot, and I usually conjecture whether we should truly be content with the ordinary, because for something to be ok it means that it’s not to the best of our ability. Why even bother doing something when it won’t even make us grow? …and on the other hand, why not do something that will make us feel proud, drool us in happiness? Some of us venture and try running away from our problems, when the truth is they will always come back to hunt us down and devour our minds until we finally chose to look at these creatures in the eye and tell them we refuse to live this way, we refuse to live in the fear of our own thoughts and abilities. Our hearts crave truth, and if we don’t say what we feel, then we are just talking but not saying anything. What’s the point in freedom if our words aren’t of truth and our acts aren’t illustrated by our own will?

So what would you chose, fight or flight?


Sometimes we are too dumb to notice the way we are wasting time. Time is an incredible force of magic. It’s the thief of beauty, the builder of knowledge and the lover of life. The problem is that it runs at a faster pace, and we usually never notice this. We are all stuck in our phones when the truth is real beauty can only be felt with the heart, not just seen through our eyes. Going out for walks and discovering new places is something I love doing. Nature has blessed us with fantasy and dreams. Today I went to an amazing place and realized that I want to take advantage of the simple wonders in life. I had a really relaxing and soothing day. I believe we should all embrace ourselves sometimes. Here are some pictures of my day. We should look up from our phones more frequently and enjoy the present. :)