the animal lover is a hunter

Forcing yourself to forget something only causes the brain to think about it even more. It’s just like desiring the forbidden. For some strange reason what we try to avoid seems to haunt us, to pop out of nowhere and devour us while we’re off-guard. My brain usually contradicts all my organs, but they work together as well. It’s a confusing relationship, but I’ve got to the conclusion that every relationship is sort of like that… ironic.

Irony is a contradiction, and contradictions challenge us into defending our beliefs and who we claim to be. This world is full of it and without the unpredictable, our lives wouldn’t contain sparks of mischief.



Time’s Criminal

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.31.29 AM

This old lady really caught my attention. She walked along the railroad with a flower bouquet smiling and waving at people. She had silver hair that glinted in the sunlight and her smallness was product of her curved back, which looked as if she faced the ocean’s horizon.  She picked up a handful of grass and a small leaf from different parts of the ground to add to her bouquet, I figured out it might be collection of her journey, a collection of her life. She walked slowly, time’s criminal. The lady sitting in front of me in the train threw her a package of cookies out the window for her to eat. I thought this was a warm gesture, and my hope in humanity returned. She received it thankfully and gave a smile in return. As the train proceeded on its journey, so did the little old lady, picking up flowers to lighten up her path.



. . .

It was 4 am and I was freezing. It wasn’t until an hour later that the sun finally decided to materialize. A fire formed in a crack between two mountains and its light burned the artificial stars in the mountains and turned them into visible colored houses. It was fascinating watching the sun warm and brighten up every living and nonliving thing, it made me feel alive. This flower was actually hidden along with broken pieces of wood and human-made objects. No one had noticed it, but as soon as I saw light coming from a hole in the ground I followed it and discovered this little flower shining, its presence stronger than its loneliness. There are many things in life that can be grasped in the most unexpected moments, such as this one.


⚛ ⚛ ⚛

This week I went tu Cusco for the first time, and it was the most wonderful place in the world. When I was in the midst of a laughter attack in the train to go to Machu Picchu one of my friends took a random picture and captured a moment which I will always keep warmly. It’s incredible how the unexpected can be so magical.



I just realized society is reflected in a fish bowl; trapped and with no escape but with everything needed for survival. But what’s the point in living if we’re just surviving? Sometimes we receive bate, and we might decide to catch it in order to come out of this “safety” bubble and face a very harsh world (which might wound us but will lead us to freedom) or we might die in the process. The other option is to drown in our own water. Either we risk it or we embrace a satisfactory (not extraordinary) life. After all, we’re all fish.


They say you should follow you heart. But that’s kind of a selfish thought. There’s a reason why our ribs are cages… our hearts are hard to control. Our cravings aren’t necessarily what’s morally correct, our thoughts aren’t always positive. Our feelings are sometimes weapons we use to make others understand what we’re going through in order to numb our loneliness. We can follow our hearts, follow the wants. Or we can follow our mind, follow the needs. Our mind goes through the consequences, the impacts we might cause. But our heart is too lively, it lives for the moment and doesn’t really consider the after taste.

Which would you follow?

fluorescent nights

It’s up to you, New York, New York…


In New York, things have a greater contrast during the night. The way light beams out of every living and non-living particle within the darkness make you feel alive, as if reminding that without darkness shining hearts wouldn’t be noticed. This city is sleepless. It’s as if the night’s energy could keep you alive forever.